Running XLSTAT the first time (Excel 2007 and 2010)

Enabling the Microsoft Excel macros

Whatever your Excel or XLSTAT version, it is necessary that the Macros security level is set to Medium so that XLSTAT can run. Here is how to proceed:

  1. Click the Office button on the upper left corner of the Excel window to open the Office Menu (Excel 2007) or click the File tab (Excel 2010).
  2. Click on the Excel Options button on the bottom of the Office menu window (Excel 2007) or choose Excel Options in the File menu (Excel 2010).
  3. The Excel Options window will appear.
  4. Select Trust Center in the middle of the menu bar on the left.
  5. Click on the Trust Center Settings... button on the right of the window.
  6. The Trust Center window will appear.
  7. Select Macro Settings in the middle of the menu bar on the left
  8. Select the 2nd option for the Macro Settings
  9. Activate the option Trust access to the VBA project object model
  10. Click OK to close the Trust center window
  11. Click OK to close the Excel options window

Updating Excel and installing XLSTAT

It is recommended that you make sure that your Excel version is up to date.

To install XLSTAT, you should use an account that has administrator rights on the machine. If there are several accounts on the machine, the administrator should install XLSTAT using the "Custom" option and run XLSTAT once from his account to enter the license key. Further information about the installation can be obtained on this tutorial.

Running XLSTAT

To run XLSTAT for the first time, you can either choose the option to start XLSTAT after the installation procedure, use the Windows Start / Programs / Addinsoft / XLSTAT command, use the XLSTAT shortcut on your desktop, or launch Excel, then open the XLSTAT.xla file using the Excel open command.

If XLSTAT was installed for the first time, the 30 days trial version will start automatically. If you already used the trial version, you have to activate XLSTAT, you can find a tutorial here.

If you are using XLSTAT for the first time, XLSTAT will add a new button in the Excel Add-ins tab. The button can be used to open XLSTAT when you are using Excel and can be removed if you wish. This button can also be used to close XLSTAT.

After you start XLSTAT, the XLSTAT toolbars and the XLSTAT menu will be added to the Add-ins tab (see image below). The XLSTAT tab is also added.

The XLSTAT toolbars and the XLSTAT tab can be used to access the XLSTAT functions. By clicking on an item of the menu, you activate the dialog box corresponding to the selected function.

Watch this video to see how to get the XLSTAT running in Excel 2010.

Click here for other tutorials.

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