Test for comparing one proportion to a value in XLSTAT

An Excel sheet with both the data and the results can be downloaded by clicking here.

The data are the results of the launch of a coin 30 times.

We would like to assess if the coin is biased or not so we want to compare the results to the proportion 0.5 so half of the time a tail, half of the time a head.

To start the proportion test go to the menu Parametric test / Tests for one proportion.

F-test using XLSTAT - Stats ExcelF-test using XLSTAT - Stats Excel

In the General tab, fill in the following information:

  1. Frequency: 19
  2. Sample size: 30
  3. Test proportion: 0.5
  4. Data format: Frequency

Select the option z test and go to the next tab.

F-test using XLSTAT - Statistics Excel

As an alternative hypothesis choose the option Proportion – Test proportion > D as 19 is bigger than the expected frequency of 15.
The default significance level is left as is: 5%.

The Variance (confidence interval) which is an option that appears only whan using the Waldconfidence interval should be set to Test proportion as we want to calculate the confidence interval on the 0.5 proportion.

F-test using XLSTAT - Statistics Excel

When ready click on OK.

Results of a test for comparing one proportion to a value

The result is that as the p-value for this test is 0.072 which is superior to the 0.05 limit, the null hypothesis should be accepted and the difference between the proportions is equal to 0. This means that the coin is not biased.

F-test using XLSTAT - Statistics Excel

The following video demonstrates how to run a proportion test on one proportion in XLSTAT.

Click here for other tutorials.

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