New features in XLSTAT 2006

XLSTAT 2006 has been completely rethought and rewritten using new programming languages to make it faster, even more reliable, easier to use, and open.

General software improvements:

  • New dialog boxes: tabs allow you to manage options for the calculations and the display of results
  • 2 new languages (Portuguese and Japanese)
  • All computations are now done in C++ allowing a significant increase in speed
  • It is now possible in many functions to use transposed tables to circumvent the limitation of Excel to 256 columns
  • XLSTAT functions can be used programmatically in VBA
  • Only one software file to download (the unique installation file includes all the advanced modules)
  • Improved help file with more details


  • Preparing data
    • Distribution sampling: new distributions
  • Describing data
    • histograms: several histograms can be superimposed, and theoretical
      distributions can be plotted over the histograms
    • new tool: multicollinearity statistics (Tolerances, VIFs)
    • new options in similarity/dissimilarity matrices
  • Visualizing data
    • strip-plots
    • more options for box plots
    • new function to automatically modify a chart so that it is orthonormal
      (aspect ratio = 1)
    • new tool to merge two charts (for example, two curves available in 2
      different charts)
    • more options for Easylabels
    • new tool to modify the label positions
  • Analyzing data
    • Factor analysis: polychoric correlations, better charts, new rotation
      options, maximum likelihood option
    • PCA: polychoric correlations, better charts, new rotation options. New
    • CA/ MCA: new methods for subset analysis. Non symmetrical correspondence analysis.
    • Discriminant analysis: better handling of multicollinearity cases,
      possibility to include qualitative variables, stepwise options, cross-validation
    • Hierarchical clustering: dendrograms can now be modified, groups can be
      shown with different colors.
    • K-Means : new options for clustering criteria to optimize
  • Modeling data
    • Distribution fitting: new distributions
    • Linear regression: better handling of multicollinearity cases, improved
      stepwise options
    • ANOVA/ANCOVA: simpler interface for the multiple comparisons tests and
      the management of interactions
    • Logistic regression: better handling of multicollinearity cases, PCR
      option, stepwise options, and multiple comparisons are possible when
      categorical variables have been selected
  • Parametric tests
    • possibility to run tests on several variables in one run
    • easier management of alternative hypotheses
  • Nonparametric tests
    • exact tests are now possible for most methods
  • Tools
    • easier to use dataflagger
    • tool to remove hidden sheets with possibility to select only some of them
    • tool to find the min and/or the max in a sheet


  • New interface with many new options


  • PREFMAP: simplified interface, possibility to add contour plots
  • GPA: permutation tests, new options to display results


  • Possibility to use dates to display the results


  • Simplified interface, quicker computations

The changes from version 6 to 7 can be found here.

About KCS

Kovach Computing Services (KCS) was founded in 1993 by Dr. Warren Kovach. The company specializes in the development and marketing of inexpensive and easy-to-use statistical software for scientists, as well as in data analysis consulting.

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