New features in XLSTAT 2010

XLSTAT 2010 solves all issues that have been reported to us, takes into account several suggestions, and brings the following features:

  • XLSTAT 2010.3 is compatible with Excel 2010.
  • XLSTAT is also compatible with Excel 2010 64bit edition. XLSAT 2010 x64 empowers you to handle data sets the are 10 times larger than what can be handled with the 32bit versions.
  • A survey ranking feature has been added
  • The mulitple comparisons performed after fitting mixed models can now be computed using adjusted p-values.
  • XLSTAT-MX includes a new feature for product characterization. With just a few clicks, you can identify the most discriminating descriptors, and the most important characteristics of each product being surveyed.
  • A design of experiment feature has been added to XLSTAT-MX to allow quickly building efficient designs to collect data for sensory expirements.
  • XLSTAT-Time is augmented with the Mann-Kendall trend tests. This nonparametric test is very useful when you need to identify a trend in a series that does not meet the requirements of the more traditional tools.
  • Homogeneity tests have been added to XLSTAT-Time to allow detecting a change-point in a time series (Pettitt, SNHT, Buishand and von Neumann tests).
  • New options for the computation of the p-values and mutliple comparisons of the Kruskal-Wallis test have been added to XLSTAT-Pro.
  • The Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel test has been added.
  • The interface of XLSTAT-Sim has been improved to make it easier to build and run Monte Carlo models.
  • New results are available in the XLSTAT-PLSPM module.
  • XLSTAT-PLSPM now includes the REBUS algorithm to cluster observations while fitting the models.
  • Multinomial Goodness of Fit Test (XLSTAT-Pro / Parametric tests)
  • New options for the one and two proportions tests (XLSTAT-Pro / Parametric tests)
  • TURF analysis (XLSTAT-MX)
  • Improved ARIMA algorithm (XLSTAT-Time)
  • XLSTAT-Pro now includes a tool that allows to quickly filter in or out data from a table.
  • The ARIMA of XLSTAT-Time allows to add explanatory variables to the model
  • With XLSTAT-Power, it is now possible to compute the sample size or the power for linear regression, ANOVA, ANCOVA, logistic regression and the Cox model.
  • Various other minor new options
  • A number of new features were added in minor version updates during 2009.

The changes from version 2008 to 2009, and those added in 2009, can be found here.

About KCS

Kovach Computing Services (KCS) was founded in 1993 by Dr. Warren Kovach. The company specializes in the development and marketing of inexpensive and easy-to-use statistical software for scientists, as well as in data analysis consulting.

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