New features in XLSTAT 2013

XLSTAT 2013 adds a number of new features:

  • XLSTAT-Pro :
    • Histograms: Possibility to display dynamic histograms that allow to highlight a specific sub-sample
    • Histograms: Possibility to look for the distribution that best fits a given sample
    • Distribution fitting: Possibility to look for the distribution that best fits a given sample
    • Box plots: New option to add a legend
    • ANOVA and ANCOVA: Computations are faster for unbalanced ANOVA designs with interaction(s)
    • ANOVA with random factors: The Satterwaite approximation for the degrees of freedom of the error terms has been added
    • Nonparametric tests: The Mood test for the comparison of medians
    • Nonparametric tests: Option to compute the p-value of a Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney test using Monte-Carlo resamplings
    • Preparing data: Stack/Unstack option in the Data management tool
    • Modeling data: Cubic splines
    • Comparison of logistic curves for different groups on a single chart
    • Sensory shelf life analysis: New tool to model when a product should be removed from a shelf
    • Generalized Bradley-Terry model: New tool to analyze surveys where assessors do pairwise comparisons of products
    • Panel analysis: New results and possibility to weigh data
    • Penalty analysis: New results and possibility to weigh data
    • Product characterisation: Possibility to weigh data
    • Group constraints can be included in a TURF analysis
  • XLSTAT-Life :
    • Parametric survival regression: Added the log-normal and extreme values models
  • XLSTAT-Power :
    • Clinical trials: Compute the sample size and power for clinical trials
  • XLSTAT-Conjoint :
    • Hierarchical Bayes approach for CBC
  • XLSTAT-Time :
    • Durbin-Watson test and Cochrane-Orcutt model for time series
    • Canonical Correspondence Analysis can now be used on large datasets
  • XLSTAT-Dose :
    • Comparison of dose analysis curves on a single chart, and probability scale plot

The changes from version 2011 to 2012, and those added in 2012, can be found here.

About KCS

Kovach Computing Services (KCS) was founded in 1993 by Dr. Warren Kovach. The company specializes in the development and marketing of inexpensive and easy-to-use statistical software for scientists, as well as in data analysis consulting.

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