New features in XLSTAT 2016

In October 2015 the new XLSTAT software suite was introduced. It looks almost the same as the one you are already familiar with, but we have repackaged our modules so that they are now available as vertical, user-oriented solutions. The biggest change is that XLSTAT-Pro has been replaced by XLSTAT-Base, which corresponds to Pro+PLS+Pivot with one feature from ADA (Principal Coordinates analysis, PCorA) and another feature from MX (Semantic differential charts). All the modules have been eliminated and are now an integral part of our new solutions.

The new solutions are Base, Premium Biomed, Ecology, Forecast, Marketing, Psy, Quality and Sensory. The Premium solution includes all the features contained in the solutions previously mentioned. The third party modules, 3DPlot, CCR and LG, remain options that you can add to any solution. For more information, please visit the XLStat suite description page.

XLStat is also now the first statistical software provider to give you access to GPU-based computations. This means that if you have an NVIDIA graphic card (Ge Force, for example), you will be able to run computations at least 10 times faster than on any standard processor. For now, this is only available for the Monte Carlo simulations in nonparametric tests. But we will be extending this capability to other features step by step.

New features added to XLSTAT in 2016 include:

  • New customization features in the options tab: XLSTAT now offers 3 graphical output stylesclassic, similar to what you have enjoyed until now, modern with a different set of colors, and scientific with grayscale colors. Want a style of your own? Just let us know! In the next version, we'll make it possible for you to define your own styles...
  • Data selection from variable labels in normality tests. Help us improve our future versions by sharing your feedback with us and letting us know how data selection types should be implemented in other XLSTAT features.
  • We have worked on major improvements on our Gage R&R for attributes tool which now offers extensive options and outputs. We've also enhanced computation speed in mixed models by orders of magnitudes.
  • Motion charts are an original way to visualize a third dimension on a 2D-scatter plot. Motion charts are included in all XLSTAT solutions (visualizing data menu).
  • XLSTAT is now compatible with Excel 2016 for Mac.
  • Furthermore, we have worked hard on making linear regression run faster than several of our competitors, including R.
  • Support Vector Machine (SVM): This supervised machine learning algorithm strengthens the list of algorithms that are already available in XLSTAT. SVM’s are adapted to a wide number of situations, including situations of non-linearity. It is available in all XLSTAT solutions (under the Machine Learning tab).
  • Temporal Dominance of Sensations (TDS): This feature allows to easily visualize temporal evolution of the dominance of attributesperceived by assessors. It is available in XLSTAT-SensoryXLSTAT-Marketing and XLSTAT-Premium (under the Sensory data analysis tab).
  • We have given a fresh new look to our menus.
  • Box plots can now be colored by group (all XLSTAT solutions).
  • new button is displayed so that users can rerun an analysis in just one click. Available in all XLSTAT solutions.
  • Panel analysis now runs a lot faster thanks to our unique linear modeling algorithm. Available in XLSTAT-SensoryXLSTAT-Marketing and XLSTAT-Premium.
  • PLS regression: global performance and accuracy have been significantly enhanced. Available in all XLSTAT solutions.
  • Conjoint Analysis and Choice-Based Conjoint: several options now allow you to manipulate your outputs quicker. New shortcut buttons have been implemented to let you automatically fill in the Conjoint & CBC analysis dialog boxes. Market simulations can now be directly updated when you modify your target product attributes. Available in XLSTAT-Marketing and XLSTAT-Premium.
  • Two-sample t-test & z-test: It is now possible to compute Monte-Carlo-approximated p-values, which are reliable on non-normal data. Available in all XLSTAT solutions.
  • MaxDiff analysis now allows you to automatically load your data from a design generated with XLSTAT. Available in XLSTAT-Marketing and XLSTAT-Premium.
  • Discrimination tests: 3 new types of confidence intervals have been added. Available in XLSTAT-Sensory, XLSTAT-Marketing and XLSTAT-Premium.
  • Panel Analysis: The table of maximum range across products for each judge is now provided even when there is no session but repetitions. Available in XLSTAT-Sensory, XLSTAT-Marketing and XLSTAT-Premium.
  • Distribution fitting: A faster maximum Likelihood estimation is now made available for all distributions. Confidence intervals have been added on the parameter estimations. Available in all XLSTAT solutions.


The changes from version 2014 to 2015, and those added in 2015, can be found here.

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Kovach Computing Services (KCS) was founded in 1993 by Dr. Warren Kovach. The company specializes in the development and marketing of inexpensive and easy-to-use statistical software for scientists, as well as in data analysis consulting.

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