New features in XLSTAT 7

XLSTAT version 7.5 includes several changes from the previous version. It has been modified in order to provide:

  • Languages: the XLSTAT interface is now available in five languages (English, Spanish, French, German and Italian).
  • Tests on proportions: comparisons to one proportion and to k proportions are now avaiable.
  • PCA, DA, CA, MCA: the quality of the graphical results is improved.
  • ANOVA: an additional way to constain the models is available.

XLSTAT version 7.1 includes several changes from the previous version. It has been modified in order to provide:

  • ANOVA: it is now possible to choose among various hypotheses when doing multiple comparisons
  • ANOVA: new charts are available to allow a visual comparison of the means and of the interactions between factors
  • ANCOVA: new option to compare the slopes of the different groups
  • PCA: new options for biplots
  • Factor analysis and PCA: possibility to only display the centroids of some groups defined by a qualitative variables
  • Tests on contingency tables: new method based on Monte Carlo simulations
  • k-means and hierarchical clustering: possibility to display results in the original space or in the standardized space
  • Friedman test: options for multiple comparisons
  • Normality tests: Lillifors and Anderson-Darling tests have been added
  • Scatter plots and Easy labels: new options for formatting labels
  • New feature: some XLSTAT functions can now be used directly within your Excel sheet as any other Excel function. Seven functions are currently available: variance and standard deviation for a sample or a population, as well as the Pearson, Spearman and Kendall correlation coefficients.

The features that first appeared in verison 7.0 are:

  • Histograms: possibility to choose to display densities, frequencies or relative frequencies.
  • Quality of charts has been improved for all data analysis tools.
  • Identical scales are used for first and second axes to avoid
  • New feature: biplots of Gabriel's type.
  • PCA: new biplot options and possibility to color observations depending on a categorical variable.
  • CA: inertia and asymmetrical plots have been added.
  • k-means clustering: new option allows you to fix the initial centroids, new outputs.
  • Hierarchical clustering: the display of the dendrogram is faster, and new outputs have been added.
  • New feature: one sample t and z tests (two sample tests only were previously available).
  • Missing data for non parametric tests on k samples are now accepted.
  • New feature: Normality tests (Shapiro-Wilk and Jarque-Bera).
  • For all modeling tools: computations are faster.
  • Linear regression: Stepwise and Best regression have been improved to better handle
  • ANOVA: new options allow to compute up to order 4 interactions. Multiple comparaisons tests have been improved for multiple way Anova.
  • ANCOVA : order 2 interactions between quantitative variables and factors can now be computed.
  • New feature: Parallel coordinates visualization allows to display multidimensional data on a 2D plot. It is very useful to analyze data after a clustering analysis.
  • Plot transformer: now allows to work on charts with multiple series.
  • All tools: the displaying of the results tables is now 10 times faster.
  • The possibility to use the keyboard in the dialog boxes has been restablished for the users who have downloaded the latest Excel patches from Microsoft..
  • Optimized for Office 2003.

The changes from version 5 to 6 can be found here.

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Kovach Computing Services (KCS) was founded in 1993 by Dr. Warren Kovach. The company specializes in the development and marketing of inexpensive and easy-to-use statistical software for scientists, as well as in data analysis consulting.

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