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Featured Products

We are pleased to announce the availability of XLSTAT 2014, a true revolution in the small world of statistical add-ins for Excel. XLSTAT 2014 adds mixed models and repeated measures ANOVA. It is fast, reliable, easy to use, and open.
QDA Miner

QDA Miner
Qualitative Data Analysis

New!  The latest version of QDA Miner, Version 4.1, is now available. This is an easy-to-use qualitative data analysis software package for coding textual data, annotating, retrieving and reviewing coded data and documents. QDA Miner also provides a wide range of exploratory tools to identify patterns in codings and relationships between assigned codes and other numerical or categorical properties. See the new features here.


New!  Version 4 of Oriana, our circular statistics program, has now been released. Version 4 adds a number of new statistical analyses, including second order stats and various forms of Hotellings, a new variable type based on lunar cycles, and easier ways to work with frequency data, plus many other minor improvements.

Content Analysis
and Text Mining

Version 6.1 of WordStat has been released. Wordstat is a text analysis module designed to analyze and categorize textual information. The new version delivers enhanced analytical and visualization tools in an improved easy-to-use interface. See all the new features.

Accent Composer

Accent Composer simplifies the process of entering accented characters and other symbols into any Windows program. Version 2 has now been released - see the new features here.


MVSP is an intuitive and flexible data analysis program. Version 3 brings new levels of ease of use and power to multivariate analyses, such as correspondence analysis and clustering.

Statistical Analysis
and Bootstrapping 

Ver. 2.6 now released. SIMSTAT is an easy-to-use and powerful statistical program that performs a wide variety of statistical analyses. Its innovative output management and scripting language lets you automate statistical analysis and write interactive tutorials.

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