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The following is a list of books related to the types of analyses performed by Kovach Computing Services software. These are ones that we and our customers have found particularly useful. We will be expanding this list as we discover new books, so come back and visit again. If you have any suggestions of books to add to the list please contact us.

You can purchase these books online from Amazon booksellers. To purchase them from the USA or UK branch of Amazon simply click on the appropriate flag (Order from or Order from after the entry. You can also browse Amazon's own categorical listings of the most popular statistical books at their USA and UK sites.

General Statistics

van Emden, Helmut, 2008. Statistics for Terrified Biologists. Order from Order from
A student oriented book that presents statistical methods using straightforward, jargon-free language.

Bendoly, E., 2008. Excel Basics to Blackbelt: An Accelerated Guide to Decision Support Designs. Order from Order from
This book covers the use of Excel for statistical applications. It particualrly extensively covers the use of XLSTAT, both on its own and as integrated with other applications.

Zuur, Alain F., Ieno, Elena N. & Smith, Graham M., 2007. Analysing Ecological Data. Order from Order from
This book provides a practical introduction to analysing ecological data using real data sets collected as part of postgraduate ecological studies or research projects. The first part of the book gives a largely non-mathematical introduction to data exploration, univariate methods (including GAM and mixed modelling techniques), multivariate analysis, time series analysis (e.g. common trends) and spatial statistics. The second part provides 17 case studies, mainly written together with biologists who attended courses given by the first authors.

Sokal, R.R. & Rohlf, F.J., 1994. Biometry : The Principles and Practice of Statistics in Biological Research. 3rd Edition. Order from Order from
The classic text on statistics in the biological sciences. Cited more times than Darwin!

Zar, J.H., 2009. Biostatistical Analysis. 5th Edition. Order from Order from
Excellent customer reviews on Amazon, all five star. It provides a broad and practical overview of the statistical analysis methods used by researchers to collect, summarize, analyze, and draw conclusions from biological research data

Davis, J.C., 2002. Statistics and data analysis in geology. 3rd edition. Order from Order from
A very readable introduction to the use of statistics in geology. Includes extensive information on multivariate methods, orientation analysis and spatial statistics.

Clark, I. & Harper, W., 2000. Practical Geostatistics 2000 Order from
An updated and greatly expanded edition that covers all areas of geostatistics from a practical viewpoint. The book is also available in computer readable and searchable form, either as a CD-ROM only (Order from or both book and CD (Order from

Huff, D., 1991. How to Lie with Statistics. Order from Order from
This book introduces some of the basics of statistics by showing how they can be misused to make any point you'd like. A very amusing and enlightening book.

Rowntree, D., 1981. Statistics Without Tears. Order from Order from
Describes statistics in layman's terms, excellent for the beginner.

Dytham, C., 2010. Choosing and Using Statistics. 3nd edition. Order from Order from
Takes you through the process of deciding which type of statistical method is most appropriate, then the steps of how to perform the analysis and interpret the results.

Box, G.E.P., Hunter, J.S. & Hunter, W.G., 1978. Statistics for Experimenters: An Introduction to Design, Data Analysis, and Model Building. 2nd edition Order from Order from
A classic text on the subject of the statistical design of experiments.

Agresti, A., 1990. Categorical Data Analysis. Order from Order from
A comprehensive introduction to the wide range of methods for analyzing categorical data.

Jason C. Hsu, 1996. Multiple Comparisons : Theory and Methods. Order from Order from

Multivariate Analysis

Piernik, Agnieszka, 2008. Metody numeryczne w ekologii - Na przykładzie zastosowań pakietu MVSP do analiz roślinności (Numerical methods in ecology - Examples using the vegetation analysis package MVSP).
A tutorial on using multivariate methods in ecology, based on our program MVSP. Not yet on Amazon, but available from a variety of Polish on-line bookstores.

Greenacre, M., 2007. Correspondence Analysis in Practice. 2nd Edition Order from Order from
A complete rewrite of the author's classic 1993 book on CA. It includes sections demonstrating the use of XLSTAT to calculate correspondence analysis.

Greenacre, M. &, Blasius, J., 2006. Multiple Correspondence Analysis and Related Methods (Statistics in the Social and Behavioral Sciences). Order from Order from
A collection of papers on the latest developments in MCA.

Manly, B.F.J., 2004. Multivariate statistical methods. A primer. 3rd edition. Order from Order from
A very readable and general introduction to multivariate methods, such as PCA, factor analysis and MDS. It includes a section on basic matrix algebra. The author uses MVSP for many of the examples.

Pielou, E.C., 1984. The Interpretation of Ecological Data: A Primer on Classification and Ordination. Order from Order from
This books does an excellent job of explaining the multivariate nature of ecological data and the mathematical basis behind methods such as PCA, correspondence analysis and cluster analysis.

Kachigan, S.K., 1991. Multivariate Statistical Analysis : A Conceptual Introduction. Order from Order from
This book provides a review of basic statistics, then introduces the most popular multivariate techniques in use today, including correlation analysis, regression analysis, factor analysis, cluster analysis, multidimensional scaling. Excellent customer reviews on Amazon, all five star.

Tabachnick, B.G. & Fidell, L.S., 1996. Using Multivariate Statistics. 3rd Edition. Order from Order from
An easy-to-read yet comprehensive introduction to multivariate methods. It takes a practical approach in describing how to go about the analyses.

Jolliffe, I.T., 2002. Principal Components Analysis. 2nd edition Order from Order from
Everything you'd want to know about PCA. A very welcome extensive update to this classic text.

Jongman, R.G.H., ter Braak C.J.F. and van Tongeren, D.F.R. 1995. Data analysis in community and landscape ecology. Order from Order from
This book is particularly strong in explaining canonical correspondence analysis in depth (the second author developed CCA) as well as other ordination methods, regression, cluster analysis and spatial statistics.

Krebs, C.J., 1999. Ecological Methodology. 2nd edition. Order from Order from
The bible for researchers designing ecological studies and analyzing results. It contains sections on estimating abundance, community parameters (including diversity indices, similarity measures and clustering), and survival rates as well as spatial patterns.

Jackson, J.E., 2003. A User's Guide to Principal Components. 2nd edition Order from Order from
A comprehensive and practical guide to principal components analysis.

Kent. M. & Coker, P., 1995. Vegetation Description and Analysis: A Practical Approach. Order from Order from
A step-by-step introduction to the statistical methods widely used in plant ecology. Includes a good historical coverage of ordination methods.

Legendre, P. & Legendre, L., 1998. Numerical Ecology. 2nd edition. Order from Order from
A very comprehensive tretise on the use of numerical methods in ecology, with a major focus on multivariate methods.

Cluster Analysis

Gordon, A.D., 1999. Classification. 2nd edition. Order from Order from
A major update of this classic work on cluster analysis, classification and other multivariate methods.

Everitt, B. et al, 2001. Cluster Analysis. 4th Edition. Order from Order from
A good discussion of the wide variety of cluster analysis techniques.

Circular Statistics/Orientation Analysis

Bell, Kim N.I., 2008. Analysing Cycles in Biology & Medicine-a Practical Introduction to Circular Variables & Periodic Regression. Order from Order from
A practical guide to analyzing circular and periodic data, with numerous examples.

Jammalamadaka, S. R. & Sengupta, A., 2001. Topics in Circular Statistics (Series on Multivariate Analysis).Order from Order from
A new research monograph covering the latest developments in circular statistics. The authors have an errata sheet available.

Fisher, N.I., 1993. Statistical analysis of circular data. Order from Order from
A good, readable introduction to a wide variety of methods for analysing circular data. Includes a very interesting historical overview. The author has an errata sheet available.

Mardia, K.V. & Jupp, P.E., 2000. Statistics of directional data. 2nd Edition. Order from Order from
A new edition of one of the first books to cover this area of statistics. Includes examples from a wide range of research pursuits.

Batschelet, E., 1981. Circular statistics in biology. Order from
Unfortunately out of print, but you may be able to get it through Amazon's second hand book network.

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