Easy Factor Analysis v4.0

ANNOUNCEMENT: January 26, 2004 - Easy Factor Analysis is now part of Simstat 2.5. It is no longer sold separately.

Designed and written by Dr. Darren Fuerst

EASY FACTOR ANALYSIS v4.0 is an add-on module for Simstat that allows even computer neophytes to perform two common types of factor analysis: principal components analysis and image covariance factor analysis. The program provides several features such as stopping criteria based on the total number of factors or minimum eigenvalue, a varimax rotation, the printing of correlation matrix, eigenvalue table, factor patterns, weights and scores for both rotated and unrotated solutions, etc. This new version is fully integrated with SIMSTAT with option panels, mouse support and a context sensitive help. It is also possible to automate factor analysis using SIMSTAT's command language and use the RECORD SCRIPT function to easily generate proper commands corresponding to actions undertaken with the interactive user's interface.


  • Image covariance or principal components analysis on up to 2000 variables
  • QType factor analysis
  • Number of factors extracted can be set manually or adjusted to a minimum eigenvalue criteria
  • Scree plot of eigenvalues
  • Optional varimax orthogonal rotation of factor loadings.
  • Optional printing of descriptive statistics and correlation matrix for all the variables in the data set.
  • Printing of unrotated and/or rotated factor solutions.
  • Can compute factor scoring weights for both the rotated and unrotated solutions.
  • Factor scores can be displayed on screen or saved on disk

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Kovach Computing Services (KCS) was founded in 1993 by Dr. Warren Kovach. The company specializes in the development and marketing of inexpensive and easy-to-use statistical software for scientists, as well as in data analysis consulting.

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