v2.0 - June 14, 2006 - See New features in QDA Miner v2.0

v1.3.1 - November 29, 2005

  • New! Importation and exportation of projects in Triple-S (survey interchange standard) format (XML version 1.2).

v1.3 - November 10, 2005

  • New! Exportation of coding statistics to disk in Excel, HTML, or tab delimited files (users no longer need to compute code statistics variables in order to perform such a task).
  • New! Document exportation routine allows one to export all documents stored in a project file to disk in Rich Text, HTML or text format.
  • New! Matrices of co-occurrences or computed similarities between codes or cases may be exported to disk in Excel, HTML and delimited ASCII files.
  • New! A list of all comments assigned to coded segments may now be obtained.
  • Improved! Right clicking on any cell in a result table may now be used to copy the content of a single cell to the clipboard.
  • Improved! A <New Value> item has been added to the combo boxes for editing values of nominal variable, allowing one to quickly add a new value without the need to access the Variable Properties dialog box.
  • Fixed! When using hit lists to browse through retrieved coded segments or paragraphs, sometimes only the top of the highlighted segment was visible. The document is now scrolled down to show, whenever possible, the full highlighted segment.

v1.2.7 - October 18, 2005

  • New! The list box displaying all document variables in a project has been replaced by tabs, allowing faster switching of documents.
  • New! When importing an external file (Excel, MS Access or ASCII files), original variable names are stored in the variable description (useful when names of imported variables are truncated or renamed).

v1.2.6 - October 1, 2005

  • New! Variables may now be added to text retrieval reports.
  • Improved! New projects created with the Document Conversion Wizard are now automatically opened.
  • Improved! In the Grouping / Descriptor dialog, the OK and Cancel buttons have been changed to Apply and Close buttons.
  • Fixed! The list of document variables in some dialogs was not always updated when new documents were added or current ones renamed.
  • Fixed! The Document Conversion Wizard was unable to import some PDF files.
  • Fixed! The Create Data File button in the Document Conversion Wizard has been renamed to Create Project File.

v1.2.5 - September 20, 2005

  • New! Sort codebook command.
  • Fixed! Some typographical errors in the help file and manual have been corrected. New features have been documented.
  • Fixed! Performing a code sequence retrieval with return hit was causing the display of a Floating Point Overflow error message.
  • Fixed! Sometimes, assigning more than one code on the same document using drag & drop didn't work properly.

v1.2 - July 5, 2005

  • New! Consolidate command to merge overlapping or adjacent coded segments.
  • New! Thesaurus search allows one to create categories of words and phrases with similar meanings and then perform text searches using those categories.
  • New! Keyword Retrieval dialog allows one to perform searches based on advanced WordStat 5.0 categorization models.
  • New! Document Conversion Wizard now imports PDF files (import text only).
  • Fixed! Coding Retrieval sometimes did not work properly with long code names with commas.

v1.1 - October 5, 2004

  • New! MERGE command allows one to combine two or more project files into a single one. This command supports importation of codings made to identical documents, variables and cases.
  • New! Ability to clear all code assignments made to a project.
  • New! The colors used to display code marks may be changed to emphasize the different coders.
  • New! Ability to browse through all the documents in a project and search for any coding without an associated code in the codebook.
  • New! Code marks associated with specific codes may now be hidden.
  • Fixed! Specific command sequences could result in data lost.


  • Fixed! Restoring of backups did not work when overwriting existing project files.
  • Fixed! Code marks were not displayed entirely on screens set to very high screen resolutions.
  • Fixed! Trying to add a code that already existed caused all entered information in the dialog to be cleared.


  • Fixed! Filtering using an empty filter expression caused an error message to appear.
  • Fixed! QDA Miner was unable to run WordStat when records were not sorted or grouped.


  • New! Text Retrieval may now be performed on sentences.
  • New! The document conversion wizard can now append records to an existing project.


  • Improved! The note window is now a fully functional text editor with font and paragraph formatting, graphics, tables, borders, etc.
  • Fixed! The note window only kept a few paragraphs of text.


  • Fixed! Code marks were not always displayed properly.


  • New! A new database importation wizard that helps import data from numerous popular RDBMS database (Oracle, MS SQL Server, etc.) through ODBC or OLE DB connection.


  • Fixed! An important memory leak cause the program to be unstable, especially after autocoding or code editing.
  • Fixed! While it was not possible to create two codes with identical names, it was still possible to rename an existing code and give it the name of another one. This is no longer possible.
  • Improved! Speed of most autocoding procedures has been increased.


  • Improved! Speed of scrolling through documents with numerous codes has been improved.
  • Improved! A vertical scroll bar have been added to the comment window (visible when the text no longer fit in the window).
  • Improved! Changes to the dimension of the comment window are now kept in memory for the session.
  • Fixed! When adding a code without specifying a category, the code editor displayed an error message "Category name requires", then moved the cursor back to the code edit box rather than to the category box, erasing the newly entered code name.
  • Fixed! In some circumstances, some of the codes in the codebook disappeared (the coding of documents remain unaffected). The codebook saving procedure has been rewritten and tested.


  • Improved! Support for non-ANSI character sets (Cyrillic, Greek, Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew, etc.).


  • New! Retrieved text segments and sections may now be printed or saved on disk.
  • New! A frequency matrix has been added to the CODING SEQUENCES dialog box.
  • New! In the CODING SEQUENCES frequency list, a percentage based on the number of events was added.
  • Improved! Several adjustments have been made printing format of the tables.


  • New! A new search button allows on to obtain a list of all coded segments associated with selected cells of the heatmap.
  • New! A new option has been added to compare text assigned to different codes using WordStat text-mining addon module. Please note that this new feature requires upgrading to the latest version of WordStat.
  • Fixed! The search function was entering an infinite loop when reaching the end of the file.
  • Fixed! In the Code Retrieval feature,when searching codes overlapping other ones, a code was not retrieved if it was totally enclosed in the second one.


  • New! Plain text variables may be changed to Rich Text document variables (codable) from the Variable Properties dialog.
  • Fixed! Coding features are now disabled when editing plain text variables.


  • Fixed! Assigning codes from the text retrieval procedure did not work properly.
  • Improved! Resizing of several dialogs is now limited to a minimum size to prevent the accidental hiding of some visual controls.


  • New! Section retrieval tool to retrieve delimited sections in structured documents. This feature is useful to automatically assign codes to recurring sections in multiple documents or within a single structured document.
  • Fixed! The code tree selection tool is sometimes hidden by another dialog.
  • Fixed! An error message occurred when clustering cases when no coding has been made.


Download QDA Miner (full version) and install the trial version over your existing version. The program will register automatically.

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