QDA Miner 2.0 New Features

For a more detailed description of all these new features, download the QDA Miner 2.0 Addendum.


  • An easier project creation and document conversion routine now allows one to quickly start analyzing documents.
    Screen shot
  • New ADD DOCUMENTS command offers an easy way to append new documents to an existing project.
  • An entire QDA Miner project, including tagged documents, may now be exported to XML.
  • Improved and simplified Document Conversion Wizard (use for more powerful text extraction, with document splitting, text and data extraction).


  • New fully hierarchical codebook system.
  • Ability to merge several codes into a category.
  • Ability to split a code into several ones, with optional search and replace dialog.
  • A new Search and Replace Coding dialog has been added to facilitate revision of existing coding.


  • Complex text search, coding retrieval and case filtering strategies may now be saved and retrieved . QDA Miner now provides savings and retrievals of options for the following functions:
    • Text Retrieval
    • Section Retrieval
    • Keyword Retrieval
    • Coding Retrieval
    • Coding Co-occurrences
    • Coding Sequences
    • Inter-coders Agreement
    • Case Filtering
  • The CODE LIST feature has been moved to the ANALYSIS menu and renamed to CODING FREQUENCIES. The new dialog now allows one to obtain numerous numerous additional statistics such as the total number of words associated with a code, % of codings, % of cases, % of words.
  • Bar charts and pie charts can now be used to display the distribution of codes.
  • Results of queries and analysis may now be exported to XML.
  • New option for 3D Concept maps and 3D Correspondence plots allows one to draw anchor lines from the floor to the data point to better locate data points in all 3 dimensions.
  • New option in the Content Analysis dialog allows one to include all text segments not associated selected codes.
  • New shortcuts to select or clear all items in drop-down checklist box.

Click here to see changes introduced in version 1.0 to 1.3.

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